Case Study: Transformation of an E-Commerce Business through Core Web Vitals Optimization

by Viktor Bystrov
  • 2 mins read
Case Study: Transformation of an E-Commerce Business through Core Web Vitals Optimization


Our client, an established Shopify e-commerce business, faced a daunting challenge: improving their conversion rate, average order value (AOV), and total order volume. Despite attracting a significant amount of online store sessions, the client wasn't seeing proportional revenue growth. Recognizing the potential for improving website performance, they invested substantial resources into optimizing their site's Core Web Vitals.


The client grappled with key performance indicators that were lagging behind their goals. Their conversion rate and AOV needed a substantial boost, while the total number of orders could also be improved. Seeking to capitalize on their existing traffic and optimize these indicators, the client turned to us for help.


We conducted a thorough audit of their website and discovered that subpar Core Web Vitals were significantly hampering their conversion rate. The following changes were implemented:

  1. Load Optimization: By streamlining the site's code, optimizing images, and utilizing efficient caching policies, we dramatically improved the website's loading speed.

  2. Interactivity Improvement: We refined the user interface for better navigation, improved the mobile experience, and streamlined the checkout process, resulting in superior user interactivity.

  3. Content Stability: We enhanced the stability of website content during page load to reduce disruptive layout shifts, improving the overall user experience.


Within a 30-day period after these changes, we observed significant improvement in key metrics:

  • Online Store Conversion Rate surged by 22%, indicating a higher ratio of visitors completing purchases.
  • Average Order Value (AOV) rose by 6%, revealing that customers were purchasing higher-priced items or adding more items per order.
  • Total Orders spiked by 46%, pointing to a substantial increase in overall transactions.


This case exemplifies the power of focusing on Core Web Vitals for website performance optimization.

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